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The Resizing Problem.

If you are running your VirtualBox machine in a window and using it to run Autotrax, you may be tempted to resize it for some reason or another.

The problem is that in Good 'Ol DOS Days, you didn't have that option.  Now, the Traxedit.exe program does call the driver frequently to learn the current height and width of the screen.  It uses this information to determine where to write the status text on the screen but it doesn't take any notice of it when it comes to drawing the little box that goes around the status panel and nor does it take any notice when it draws the board itself.

If you start with this:

And you decide to hit the CTRL key to use the little handle in the bottom right hand corner to make the screen a bit bigger.  Then this happens:

But don't panic.  You can get it back again.  Alt-Tab to the second windows icon and then do Zoom->All to redraw the screen.   The mouse is generally a bit bonkers.  If it falls off the edge of the window and on to the host's screen, then you haven't messed about with it enough.  Keep on with the Alt-Tabs and the Ctrl-I's and sooner or later it behaves.

But there's not much point because the best you will get is this:

Easiest is to save your work, shut down Autotrax and re-start it.

Technical Note for Future Reference...

The Driver shuts down DirectDraw and restarts it from scratch.  It has to because the size and shape of the 'surface' has changed and it doesn't like it.  Also, the auxiliary memory I use as a duplicate of the screen to give fast pixel reads will now be the wrong size and needs to be re-made.

That's why you get the blank screen until you re-draw.  Because you Ctrl-I'ed out of VirtualBox, you now need to Ctrl-I back in to it and it is necessary to get the right window activated for it to work.  Thus the Alt-Tabs.