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Task Number 6

Memory problems.

1. In Windows Explorer in the directory where you installed Traxedit, right click some empty space and create a new shortcut.  Point it to Traxedit.exe and call it something catchy like, er... I dunno - RUNTRAX maybe.

2. Right-click the new shortcut and select the Program tab.  Set the working directory to the
Traxedit directory.  Select the Screen tab and click Window under Usage.  It doesn't work in full screen mode even though it's the full screen!

3. Check it still runs if you double-click the new shortcut.

4. Right-click the new shortcut and select the memory tab.  Unser "Expanded (EMS) Memory" choose, say, 1024, whatever.  Save and close then double click it again.  When it opens, re-load the BigDemo.pcb and it will all be there.

If you go to the View menu and select Full-screen Mode you can then reload Traxedit in wall to wall full living colour.  Look at how luscious the display is, how crisp the lines and arcs are presented.  Note how concise and simple the status bar is.  Enjoy the ease of the keyboard shortcuts.  Marvel at the way the menu disappears leaving you with the whole damned screen to work on.  Note the joyful absence of caption bars, status bars, help browsers, project panels, floating tool bars, ribbon bars and all the other clutter that leaves you with a strip 1500 pixels wide and 6 pixels high to draw your PCB on.

Technical Note for Future Reference...

You can now right click a .PCB file and select the Open With... to associate your PCBs with the RUNTRAX shortcut you created.