Autotrax Library Wizard

Aha!  You're still with me.

This little blah-di-blah allows you to edit your Autotrax library files.  

Suppose you have loads of library files like me.  I have loads because I keep using new components or I want to overlay one PCB on another and it's easy to import as a component.  Once it's all cluttered up, you might want to scan through them and delete the rubbish or maybe copy the good ones to a new library.

Download LibWizard5 here.

Stick it somewhere suitable and fire it up.

Find where your libraries are.

Then choose one in the left-hand pane.  Note the presence of Steve Murray's very useful library AIRBORNA.LIB.  You can get it from his website.

Then click on a component in the second pane to view it.  You can delete it if you want to and then click Update Library to save your changes.

You can copy them to a new, or existing library by clicking the big bottom button, Copy Component to Destination Library.

Then, you can save the new (or existing) library.

You will need to Locate Directory again to see your changes.  Here's the new library on display with its two copied components.

Ain't that neat?