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Aston Home

Welcome to Richard Aston's Autotrax page.

Please note: this page refers to the PCB layout program from Protel and not a similar product by a similar name from someone else.

First things first.

1. Protel Autotrax is Freeware and is available from the Altium web site.  Here is the link:
2. It won't run natively under any 64-bit Windows system.
3. It won't run under Win 7, 8, 8.1 32-bit because it requires full screen and isn't allowed it.
4. It will run under Windows XP and earlier.
5. It runs well in DOSBox under all the above provided your video card supports various VESA drivers.  Otherwise, you might end up with CGA!
6. It will run on 64-bit Windows if you load up VirtualBox and put Windows 2000 or XP on it.
7. It can utilise netlists generated by TinyCAD

I have been using Autotrax for 25 years and I have so many PCBs made with it that I am reluctant to let it go without a fight.  I have tried the various modern offerings and basically, they suck.  As do the various freebies like KiCAD.

Steve Murray of  has put a lot of effort into keeping Autotrax alive and well and I am indebted to him for the clever way of making video drivers work under XP.  More of that later.  Also, Les Hildenbrandt has created several very useful utilities to go with Autotrax.  One such is called Cadcentric and can create RS274X Gerber files direct from the Autotrax PCB files.  You can find this at where you will find several other groovy little utilities.

If you want the manual for it, it's here.