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Adding the Tracks

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Adding the Tracks

Select the Bottom Layer as the track layer and set Current->Track Width to 30 mils.

Using the nets as a guide, add the tracks; moving components where necessary.  I could have done this better but I am getting bored.

I have moved all the designators to appropriate positions.  

Oh.  Another picture gone west.

Run a Design Rule Check by Netlist->DRC

Go round the pads and change them to the size you want.  Make sure the holes are correct.  I have used 70 mil for all the pads and 32 mil for all the holes except for the connector that has 125 mil pads with 60 mil holes.

Save the file.

Next lesson is making Gerber files.  If I can be bothered.  Doing web pages has to be the dullest job on the planet.  And people do it for a living!